Saturday, February 8, 2014

3 Months Old!

LOVES: He is such a happy baby!  He loves bath time!!  His favorite part is actually when I wipe his face!  He smiles the whole time!  This week we discovered that he loves Mickey Mouse!  Pat sat him in his bouncy chair in front of the TV and turned on Mickey Mouse Club House and he went nuts!  Kicking and cooing like a mad man! :)

HATES:  He hates tummy time!  Its really one of the only times when he's fussy!

EATING: This little big guy is chowing down 7 oz every 3 hours!!!!!  Same as last month!

SLEEP:  Like a BOSS!  Sleeping all night long, and Im starting to get good with his night time schedule...  Bath time, and his last feeding, usually around 8-830ish and a little rocking and signing You are my sunshine, and its a wrap till about 7:30am

NICKNAMES: Neener is still going strong.  And I have a habit of calling him Baby, all the time!

WEIGHT:  Last visit to the doctor was Jan 2nd, and he was 12lbs 15 oz

CLOTHES: He is growing like a weed!  Right now we are pushing size 6 months!

1/4/14 - First smile! :):)