Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sonogram- Checkup and NURSERY!

Yesterday was my 20 week sonogram to check up on Anthony.  They did indeed confirm, that HE is a boy!  Pat and both of out mothers were able to go with me to the appointment.  I got all good news that he is a good size, and healthy.  He was in the breach position and not cooperating as well as they would have liked, so I do have to go back for a few more pictures of his spine in a few weeks when he is a bit bigger.   But all in all, we got a good report!  Its amazing how much bigger, and defined he is from just my last sono at 16 weeks!

Today was my check up with Dr. Lim.  It was in and out, the quickest yet!  She told me that I am progressing wonderfully!  My blood results came back and I tested negative for Spinabiphida.  So that is GREAT news!!  And  I cannot believe that I did not gain ONE pound this month!  So only a total of only 4lbs total!  I guess only dreaming of McGriddle's and not actually eating them has paid off ;) haha

My cousin George was at the house once again yesterday, but this time was for the NURSERY!!  He painted it while we were at work.  I am sooo happy with the color!  Looks just like my inspiration picture!  I was SO hard to pick a friggin color!  I went with "Pool Party"  and now its time to get the crib that has been sitting in my living room for 2 months and bring it on upstairs!  woohoo

Before & After

The past few days, movement has been CRAZY!  Little buddy is really kickin and shakin in there!  I'm really looking forward to the day that Pat can feel him too!  

Monday, June 24, 2013

20 Weeks! Halfway there!!

How far along? 20 weeks and 3 days

 Total weight gain/loss- +4lbs
Maternity clothes? Yes!  Can you tell by me last 3 posts... I have a prego uniform that includes these jean shorts! lol
Stretch marks? No!  Ive been drowning myself in coco butter!

Sleep: eh... I find my lower back bothering me a bit, so its been a little more difficult to get comfortable at night.

 Best moment this week: Checking off the pretty room task off of my to do list!
 Miss Anything? caffeine!
Movement: little butterflies are turning a bit more pronounced!
Food cravings: Sausage Egg and Cheese McGriddle! That's all I can think about.. yet I haven't even had one yet!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing really!

Have you started to show yet: yes! 
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs:  Nope
Belly Button in or out?  In
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time:  happy!
Looking forward to: Getting the nursery started this week!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pretty Room- Take Two!

So the Pretty Room #2 is complete!  Thanks to the help of my cousin George and Father in Law Joe!!

Wednesday while I was in the hospital George was at the house paining the office in preparation of the big switch!  I took the few days and rested up from being sick, and last night the transformation began.  Literally, 7 bags of clothes and shoes are being sent to goodwill!!  And after dinner last night, Joe came over and took down the racks, and transferred them to the new room...  It took him until about midnight last night to get everything down and back up. And I took the day today to put everything back together, hang pictures and organize everything.  I'm so happy with the way everything turned out!  I love it! Now on to Project Nursery!!!!!

Georgie & the Before & After

Good Will Clean out

Empty Pretty Room #1- Soon to be Nursery

Finished Product


Friday, June 21, 2013

Insomnia- Pepsi-Ikea- McGriddles & Etsy

Can't sleep...  I took my doctors advice and took another sick day tomorrow, or shall I say today.  Maybe that's why, knowing I don't have to get up early... Maybe its because I slept so much yesterday... Maybe its because my body is still sore and I just couldn't get comfy... Maybe its my body preparing me for baby... Maybe its because I'm hungry... Maybe its because I cheated and had 1 and a half cups of fully caffeinated Pepsi at dinner... Oops.  Could it really be caffeine?  Am I that much of an old fart that caffeine did this? jeez.  Whatever it is... I'm wide awake.  I laid in bed for a while (twice) and all I could think of are errands I need to do this weekend:
  1. Ikea- New Light for new pretty room
  2. Lowes- Hooks for the rack in new pretty room
  3. Grocery store- I'm hungry
  4. Goodwill- Huge drop off!
  5. Tanning- Must cancel membership!
  6. Pool- Speaking of tanning, it wouldn't hurt to get some sun on this pasty prego skin
  7. Get Pat a Birthday gift (Next Weekend)
  8. McGriddle

Yes, McGriddle is on that list!  That is my craving... Sausage Egg and Cheese McGriddle from McDonalds. mmmm...  And an apple... I really want an apple.

At around 3, I got an alert from my pregnancy app telling me that I was at 20 weeks, and that baby is the size of a banana, AS I was eating a banana... AWKWARD!

I have also started a wedding registry on Etsy!  Yup!  I said wedding... There are so many adorbs baby things on Etsy, yet they don't have a baby registry!  Why the hell not!?  I put in my due date as the wedding date lol

Its 4:36m... Pat has to get up for work in a half an hour... and here I am typing away eating a slice of cold pizza.  If I had any other kind of food I would make him breakfast to celebrate his new job.  I really need to go to the grocery store.

Oh and WTF Kim & Kanye named their baby NORTH WEST!?! Really?  Kim used to be my girl!  Now I just can't!  North West?  Really?

Hmm.. What time does Mickey D's open?  I think 5! oh shit! 20 mins, maybe Ill get Pat his breakfast after all! :)

McDonalds opens at 6... I went to bed at 530.  Woke up at 10:15... They 
stop serving breakfast at 10. FAIL 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Scary Stuff.... and some good news too!

At 19 weeks and 6 days, I can no longer brag to anyone that I have not been sick at all during this pregnancy... Shwew!  Did I have a hell of a day yesterday!  I actually spent most of my day in the hospital!  Yesterday morning, I woke up at about 5am with a stomach ache.  I kept trying to sleep it off.  But mostly I was just rolling around until bout 7ish when it was time to get up for work.  As soon as my feet hit the floor I knew I was going to be sick.  And it was just not any sick, I was SICK!  Sick every way a person can be sick!  And it was non stop!  And the more I got sick, the more pronounced the pains in my stomach got.  I called out of work, and hopped into bed, again mostly just rolling around.  I called my mother to cry and tell her I wasn't feeling good, and she rushed over and demanded I call my doctor.  Because my doctor was in surgery for most of the morning, My mom took me right to St. Joe's.  The reason being, I was super freaked out about the baby!  The pains were really strong,  but they weren't constant... about every 10 minutes or so, so in my mind I thought maybe I was having early contractions.  Walking into the ER, once you tell them you are pregnant they do NOT mess around... I was taken back immediately wheel chair and all, and that REALLY freaked me out even more.  The first thing they did was use a Doppler to check for the baby's heartbeat...  and after what felt like the longest 3 minutes of my life, there it was, that beautiful sound!  His heart!  I could breathe again!  Long story short, I was diagnosed with a GI infection, and dehydration, nothing at all wrong with the baby.  After a few hours and a few bags of fluid I was sent on my way.  What a relief!  I was so weak and still so sick, my mother took very good care of me...  Took me back to her house, fed me, drank me and even lotioned me up when I got out of the shower!! haha  Then Pat took over the care taker job, taking me home, and making sure I was nice and tucked in bed and waited on me hand and foot!  I basically slept from 6pm last night until about 10am this morning.  I guess my body really needed it.  I stayed home from work today, still not feeling 100% still crampy and really sore, I guess from all the vomiting yesterday.  What a scare!  I'm just so relived to say Baby is A-OK!  The 20 week anatomy sonogram is next Week so I am really looking forward to catching another glimpse of our little guy!

And in other much more FANTASTIC news... Pat got a new job!  A great new job!  A new job that he has been in the application process for about 2 months now!!!  So happy and excited for him, for me, for us!  The perfect way to start off a new family! :) I am so proud of my hubby! He is going to be such a great Daddy!!  I  sure am one lucky girl!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Pregnant Problems

Okay, I have one complaint!  Just one!   Well, so far.  I've had a horrible time with my contact lenses lately...  No matter what I do they are itchy and blurry.  I'm constantly replacing them for new ones, and nothing I do seems to work.  This has been a horrible allergy season in our area, so I just blamed it on that, allergies.  Well... after complaining to my mother for the 999th time she said, do you think it could be because your pregnant!?  hmmmm... So I did as any one does now a days... I went right to Google, and searched "Pregnant & Contacts"  Well!  I was shocked to see that some pregnant woman experience difficulties with their contacts because their eyeballs swell!!!! W H A T!?  I had never heard of such a thing!  So even my eyeballs are fat!  I called my optomologist and they confirmed...  Some, not all, pregnant woman need a different size contacts during pregnancy.  Who woulda thunk it!?!  So right now, glasses it is!

4 eyed work selfie LOL

This week, I really feel pregnant!  The belly is definitely out there!  I'm so hungry all the time, and going up and down the stairs I find myself a little out of breath!  My lower back has been bothering me a little bit...  It's happening!!!  There really is a baby in there!  And I have I mentioned that I pee like 17 times a day?!


But honestly, other than that I'm still feeling great!  My complaints really aren't complaints at all! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Today we had a really good day.  I was really excited to celebrate Pat's very first father's day!  He kept telling me all week that there was no reason for gifts because he hasn't done anything fatherly yet lol.  Of course I had to get him a little treat!  Even before we were pregnant he has always said that when we had a baby he wanted a papoose to be able to carry the baby hands-free.  So...  I got him a Baby Bjorn! haha  As soon as I gave him the gift bag he said, Is this a Papoose!?!?  We opened the box and we were trying to figure out how it worked...  So we used our first born fur baby boy Romeo as our model. He LOVED it! hahahaah  What a good big brother!

Romeo testing out the Baby Bjorn
After laughing so hard, I thought I would pee myself, we spent the afternoon at his parents house having crabs and spending some time with his stepfather.

Then we stopped at Baskin Robbins and brought my Daddy a surprise treat!  Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Sundae for me! mmmmmmmm...

All in all, another great Snickey weekend!

19 Weeks!

How far along? 19 weeks and 3 days

 Total weight gain/loss- +4lbs
Maternity clothes? Yes!  I'm loving these jean shorts.
Stretch marks? No, but my belly has been really itchy lately...  According to my books its because my belly is expanding, so I picked up a bottle of coco butter today!  I'm looking forward to lathering myself up this evening after my shower!
Sleep: So far, not a problem...  Peeing more and more lately.  Last night was a record, I got up three times to use the bathroom.  And I hear it only gets worse, much worse
 Best moment this week: Just spending QT with my hubby
 Miss Anything? Crabs!
Movement: little butterflies are turning a bit more pronounced!
Food cravings: Sausage Egg and Cheese McGriddle! YUMMMM
Anything making you queasy or sick: My office is being painted this week, and it really made me sick for the first time this pregnancy
Have you started to show yet: yes! 
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs:  Nope
Belly Button in or out?  In
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time:  happy!
Looking forward to: The moment that Pat can feel the baby kick from outside the belly!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

ABC, maybe not so easy as 123

So Pat and purchased a 3BR Townhouse in April of 2010.  And in the purchase of the house all I could in vision was my dressing room, known today as my "Pretty Room."  The most beautifulest room in the wholeee wide world.  Out of the 2 extra bedrooms, I made the larger of the two, my sanctuary.  Painted it my favorite color purple, hung racks  on the wall so I can see all my beautiful clothes right there in front of me, and I hung my favorite drunken pictures of my girlfriends on the walls.  I swear I could spend hours in there, and just play with my things and smile :D (I'm actually smiling right now just typing about it.)  And the 3rd bedroom is actually where I sit right this very moment typing...  it is our "office" not much of an office, really just a computer and an ironing board.  This room is about half the size of my pretty room... and I am a little bit sad to say, that I don't think its very fair to the baby, if Mommy's closet is bigger than his nursery.  So I am going to have to start the task of switching the rooms over.  Sighhhh... It is going to be a big job, because I have a LOT of things to go through in order to fit everything in the other room.  Isn't it just glorious in its panoramic view? LOL ( Click on the photo, it makes it bigger so you get the full view!! ) ahhh

The Pretty Room
So this weekend is the start of the transformation... I have the cable company coming Saturday morning to transfer all of the computer wires down to the "Man Cave!"  Hey!  Everyone has to sacrifice a little space around here!
But I am SO pumped about getting started on the Nursery... I know that I will still be able to go in that same exact space and smile, but this time it will be for a much better reason!
PINTERST- I mean it's only the best place on the world wide web, right!?  I mean I was like sick when Pinterest came out and I didn't have it to plan every single detail of my wedding with it...  I just want to do the whole thing over and start from scratch with Pinterest!  But now at least I have it for my baby!  That's where I have been spending a lot of my time lately... Just pinning away!  And that is where I got the inspiration for Anthony's alphabet nursery...  I want to do the entire alphabet, with letters in all different shapes, sizes and colors.  I found a great listing on Etsy that I purchased, and it was the entire alphabet for only $37 STEAL!  My plan is to switch out a few of the letters to make it a bit more "funky" and different.  The O is going to be the same as in the Baltimore Orioles logo, and the B will the same B as on the Baltimore Ravens logo!  Good idea right!!??!!  Ive also ordered a J made out of rope.  I also want the T to be a crucifix, and my Dad got me a horse shoe for the U.  See, I'm moving right along!  I cant wait for the alphabet to come in and I cant start to decorate them... using Pinterest of course! 
In the photos I have below, I really like the Blue wall, because its bright and vibrant...  But in the second photo, I really like how the letters are larger and more spread out.  SO I want a combination of the two..

My cousin has offered to do the painting for us, which is exciting!  I mean I love Patrick with all my heart, but I must admit he is defiantly not the handiest man on the block!  I'm the one in the house that does all those types of things, like painting etc.  And since painting is out of the question for a prego....  I'm going to leave this one up to my cousin! LOL  I think Pat was relieved when he offered.  And I quote "Babe, I may not be a great painter, but I'm going to carry the SHIT out of your dressers!" LOL
This weekend... Operation ABC is underway!

ABC... 123

Earth to Baby!

Today I bought my first little outfit for Anthony... HOW ADORABLE!  I mean, who could possibly resist those antennas!?!  Found it at Target!

A sign!?!?!?!?

Could this be a sign!?!  I was driving yesterday and at a red light, on the back of truck I see... ANTHONY.  Hey, I can't argue with God, and his plan..  So there we have it ladies and gentelemen...
Anthony Joseph Phipps

We have agreed on "Nino" for a nickname

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Festivities!

Being in the second trimester really is a big difference from the first!  In the first weeks I really didn't feel up to doing much of anything!  I was SO exhausted all the time!  But now that this second trimester is in full swing I really do feel great!  I have been so lucky, that I haven't had any type of sickness, and now that the tiredness has worn off I'm feeling good enough to socialize!  And that I did this weekend!  I hear the third trimester really slows you down, so I'm trying to do things while I still can!  Saturday night we went out for a bit,  I really am ok with going out when everyone is drinking, I'm good as long as people talk to me and can hold a regular conversation... The moment that no one can talk to me, its a wrap!  Time for Krista to go home!  Pat is pretty good about it, but I must say he definitely takes advantage of being out...  I think he drinks as many beers as possible until I say its time to go!  He really is using this 9 month designated driver thing to his benefit!  But I really don't mind, because believe me!  He will pay me back!  We actually went to our favorite local bar Casey's Saturday night...  A place that we would go nearly every single weekend, and I haven't been there since February!  They actually remodeled and I didn't even know about it!!! 
I really liked this picture of Pat and I from Saturday night, I felt really pretty! :)  Could I really be glowing?? ha ha ha

Today we went to the Italian festival with a bunch of our family!  It was great weather and the perfect place to CHOW DOWN!  Lets see... Fried Dough, Shrimp Scampi, Salad, Meat Balls, Italian Cookies, and Calamari!  I'd say I did okay with feeding the baby today!  I've really noticed that in the past week I've been much more hungry more often!  I feel like hungry hungry hippo!  It was a really nice day to take in the sounds of the Italian music, play Bocce Ball, and enjoy time with my cousins....  check out this awesome bib I got baby!  This was the St. Anthony Festival... hmmm maybe a sign for his name!?!

Pre- Festival Selfie... I love these Brian Attwood Sunglasses

Little Italy, Baltimore

I mean, how cute is that!?!

Both of our eyes are lookin' mighty blue!  Is it safe to say the baby's will be he same?

18 Weeks!

How far along? 18 weeks and 2 days

 Total weight gain/loss- +4lbs
Maternity clothes? Got myself a great pair of jean shorts from Burlington Coat Factory!  Check these babies out in the pic!  $9!  HOLLA!
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: I have been sleeping like a ROCK!  We have recently started putting the dogs in dog beds rather than the bed to prepare the baby, and what a difference!  Besides getting up to pee, I am sound asleep!
 Best moment this week: I had a great weekend with friends and family
 Miss Anything? Have I mentioned that I could go for a cocktail!?
Movement: little butterflies are turning a bit more pronounced!
Food cravings: Nachos with re fried beans!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Cigar smoke!!! 
Have you started to show yet: yes! 
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs:  Nope
Belly Button in or out?  In
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time:  happy!
Looking forward to: The moment that Pat can feel the baby kick from outside the belly!

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Great Debate!

So there is now the great debate... THE NAME!  What are we going to name this little baby boy?  How will he be identified in this world??  Right now we are down to two names... Pat is stuck on his, and doesn't seem like he wants to budge... and the same with me!   We both agreed that we wanted our baby to have an Italian name.  Pat is alllll about Anthony, and for the most part I have agreed with him.  I do like Anthony, it was my grandfathers middle name, and my nephews middle name as well, so for me, there is a family connection as well.  The deal was that we would  name him Anthony, and call him "Nino" for a nickname.  Ive always been okay with the name but always told Pat that I was still open to other names.  I liked it but not LOVED it...   Last week, when Pat and I were sitting on the beach, we googled the meaning of Nino, and Antinino came up!    I LOVE IT!  Antinino!  I mean that is just the cutest little name ever!  I'm in love! :)  Little Antinino, and then call him Nino for short! :) I love it!  At first Pat was all about it, and the past few days, hes back to Anthony...  I'm working on him!  Middle name I think is going to be Joseph... Again it goes to our family connection...  Joseph is the name of his Step Father (who is like a father to Patrick) the name of his brother, and the middle name to my father and brother! 

But the real question is... Anthony, or Antonino!?!?!?!?!

17 Weeks!


As you can see, Pat really wanted to join in on the fun this week! LOL  I mean, how can you just not laugh at him holding his belly!  I couldn't stop laughing!  Im so lucky to be married to my best friend! :)

How far along? 17 weeks and 5 days
 Total weight gain/loss +4lbs
Maternity clothes? Some!  And I'm absolutely loving them!  These pants are just so comfy!  I got jeans, and black work pants!
Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep: Yes and DREAMING like a crazy woman!  I LOVE my Boppy body pillow!
 Best moment this week: Nothing crazy has happened this week, all in all Ive had a good week, Pat and I are doing really well and are getting more and more excited, especially with baby boy really starting to move around in there!
 Miss Anything? The weather has been pretty great!  I would LOVE to have a nice cold draft beer in a frosty mug! mmmmmm... 
Movement: little butterflies!
Food cravings: No, not really!  I'm really into fruit!
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope!

Have you started to show yet: yes! 
Gender: BOY

Labor Signs:  not yet!  But I'm scared shitless when I can say yes to this question!!

Belly Button in or out?  In

Wedding rings on or off?  On

Happy or Moody most of the time:  happy!

Looking forward to: This Sunday Pat and my family are headed to the Italian Festival!  I am totally looking forward to all of the delicious treats!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Back from the Beach!

Back from the beach!  We had such a great weekend!  I got to lay on the beach, chill by the pool and FINALLY got some sun on this pasty skin!!!!  I finally feel like myself again! :)  Pat was the perfect date this weekend, and we pretty much did everything I had on my list of things to do, and ate everything on my list of things to eat! :)  YUM-O! 

I have a thing, that everywhere I go I try to buy a Christmas ornament for the tree, with the location and the year!  I got my first little family ornament, with 3 little crabs!  So exciiiting!!!  I can not WAIT until the holidays this year!!!