Thursday, May 8, 2014

6 Months Old! Happy Half Birthday!!

LOVES: Mickey Mouse Club House!  Green Beans & Making his Razzzz sound and spitting all over himself and mommy! :)  Rolling!  He is a professional!  back to front, front to back!  Ill look away for one second and he is on the other side of the room! :)  And he loves to smile and laugh!  He is the HAPPIEST baby!

HATES:  teething :(

EATING: Right now Nino is eating about 6 oz every two hours...  and we're eating veggies twice a day...  So far we've tried Green Beans, Peas, Carrots, and Sweet Potato!  We had an allergic reaction to the cereal- so we are sticking to a veggie only diet for now.

SLEEP: We got into a bad habit of him falling asleep in Mommys arms during the last feeding of the night, and once I would put him down he would be WIDE AWAKE and pissed off if I tried to make him go to sleep, so I was spending about 3 hours every night, rocking and rocking and laying in bed on the couch watching tv till he fell asleep and I would VERRRRRRRY carefully place him in his crib.  NO MORE!  After thinking about it long and hard I decided to let him cry it out!  1st night, 45 minutes, 2nd night (worst night) 2 hours, 3rd night 15 minutes 4th night... Seepy Na Na! :):):):):):)  Now if I put him in there, he may cry or wimper for a few minutes if he does at all and we get a good 12 hours out of him!

NICKNAMES: Neener/ Nino are it so far...  Boo Boo Baby Bear lol

WEIGHT:  19 lbs 15 oz (90th %)  he is in the 97% for his length!  29"

CLOTHES: 12 months, almost into 18!