Monday, March 10, 2014

4 Months Old!

LOVES: Mickey Mouse!  I got him a small little stuffed Mickey and its his favorite toy!!

HATES:  hmmmm... I really can't think of anything!  He is such a happy baby! :):)

EATING: Holy Moly!  We are at 8.5 oz every 3 hours!  I think it may be time for cereal!

SLEEP: AMAZING! alll night long!  Im working on trying to configure a napping schedule.  He's not a huge napper!  It's easy to know when he's getting tired, he puts his hands up around his face and rubs/ pulls his ears.

NICKNAMES: Neener is still going strong.  And I have a habit of calling him Baby!

WEIGHT:  17lbs 15oz

CLOTHES: baby is rockin 9 months, and a few 12 months!  I am officially out of everything I got for my showers!

2/11/14- Rolled over from front to back! :)
2/23/14 Baptism