Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas with the Phipps'

My baby's first Christmas has come and gone!  The afternoon of Christmas Eve was spent at my family's house!  Nino was definitely the star of the show!  I don't think I got to hold my baby the entire day!  He was passed around from aunts, to cousins, to uncles, to grand-mom, to great-grand-mom!  Then we spent the evening with Pat's family.  His mother usually hosts a big Christmas Eve shindig centered around the bar, but decided to opt for dinner because of Mr. Anthony.  It was great!  Christmas Eve is very special for me, because 7 years ago that is the night Patrick proposed to me :)  Christmas morning we always to go my parents house for a big breakfast, that is the one time of year my father cooks, and as always it was delicious!  And Christmas night is spent, with Pat's family once again, at his God-Parents house for their annual fiesta!  All in all, it was the best Christmas yet, because we got the best gift of all! :)

My Family
Mr. Christmas in his bow tie & Santa hat 
Christmas Eve
Patrick's Fam :)
Cookies for Santa
"Look Mom!  He ate the cookies & drank the milk!"

Christmas Morning

Christmas Breakfast
me & my baby on Christmas Night

I love my family- Nino's first Christmas was a success! 

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