Tuesday, September 2, 2014

10 Months!!

LOVES:  to stand! crawl! play patty cake! and BATHTIME!  One night last week, I had to bartend at a soccer game in DC and my Mom came over to sit with him until Pat got home, and after she bathed him she called and said OMG I have NEVER in my life!  lol  I tried to warn her!  He is a MANIAC in the tub!  Splash! Splash! Splash!  Kick!  Kick! he even tries to crawl up the wall lol.  And hes heavy slippery butterball that is very hard to contain lol

HATES: he still HATESSSSSSSSS  getting his diaper changed...  UGH  it is like wrestling a bucking bronco!

EATING: This kid lovesss to eat!  And only if he is feeding himself!  Within the last two weeks, are are just about totally done with the baby food, and are full on people food! lol  Scrambled Eggs, Grilled Cheese, Pot Roast, you name it...  He probably loves it!  Still Nilla Waffers are int he #1 spot!

SLEEP: still on our schedule, 7pm-7:15ish every day, with two naps during the day... usually around 9 and 2

NICKNAMES:  Nino, Neeners

WEIGHT: 22 lbs 6 oz was last month, 9 month check up

CLOTHES:  just yesterday, i realized we are officially done with 18 and are in full swing with 24 mo

Important Dates:

Aug 1- Sit up by himself
Aug 2- Pull up by himself
Aug 9- First Hair Cut
Aug 10- Said MaMa!!!!!!!!!! ((((First word))))

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