Monday, November 18, 2013

The birth story...

It all started last Monday, October 27th.  My first day of maternity leave...  I was so excited to finally be off of work and do all of my last minute errands before baby!  I had big plans to shop and clean and beautify myself... Except when I woke up Monday morning that was NOT happening!  I felt so lazy and tired and completely unmotivated. I didn't even shower, just laid my large pregnant ass on the couch and watched all of my trashy reality TV shows, drank my raspberry leaf tea, and bounced on my ball during commercial breaks.  I was at the point where I was DONE!  Totally over being preggers and anxious that if I was going to have my Halloween baby, I would have to do it like ugh now!  After dinner Pat and I went on a long walk with the puppies around the neighborhood.  He went to bed early, and I stayed up watching the TLC movie (which was pretty good by the way lol.)  I started having what felt like period cramps.  They would come and go, and at first I didn't really pay them any mind.  And they kept coming and going, coming and going... then I thought to myself hmmm... Could this be what I think it is?  Could this be contractions?!  So I did what every person does when they aren't sure of something...  GOOGLE!  And it sounded like I really was having contractions, and that I needed to start timing them...  Well, did you know there is an app for that!?  Who needs a stop watch when you have an iPhone!?  They were few and far between and nothing serious.  So I went to bed, only to be viciously awaken at 2am with what again felt like BAD period cramps...  I laid on the couch all night and kept asking myself, is this happening?  Is this happening?  Is this really happening?  Is this really contractions?   They have to hurt more than this, on tv the woman are screaming!  I mean don't get me wrong, they were uncomfortable, but not yet horrific.  I didn't want to panic - #1 because I had already had a false alarm just a few days ago, and #2 I had my 38 week check up the very next morning at 10am.  So I decided not to wake up Pat, since he had to work in the morning and just really try to make sense of what was happening....  I called my mom at about 5am and told her what was going on and she told me to sit tight, breathe, try to rest, and she would be at my house to take me to my appointment.  And I woke Pat up for work around 7:30 and told him, of course he didn't want to go to work, but I forced the issue and told him to keep his phone close.

By the time Pat went off to work and my mom came to the house the contractions were definitely getting more intense...  We decided  to pack the car with all of our hospital bags just in case the doctor sent me to the hospital.  During my appointment, Dr Lim examined me and told me that I was still at 3 cm dilated and about 85-90% effaced.  And WOW did that hurt, it just about brought me to tears...   She told me that even though I was having contractions, since I was only at 38 weeks they could stop at any moment...  I could have the baby today, or 5 days from now!  She said you  never know-  That was a little discouraging!  I remember walking down that hallway out to the car and almost wanting to cry!  I hadn't slept a wink all night, and I was really just hoping she was going to tell us to meet her at the hospital!

So my mom and I attempted to go about our day-  We said we were going to go to Kohls, so we went, I wanted to walk around, and hopefully walk the baby out-  but we only lasted for about 5 minutes we basically walked in, used the bathroom and walked out - with me grasping on to a rack of clothes here and there to brace myself for the next contraction...  Now they were about 4 minutes or so apart and getting more and more intense...  Walking around in public just wasn't an option, so we went back to my house.

Thank god for my mom without her I dont know what I would have done!!!!  I literally rolled around on my couch for a few hours, bounced on my ball in between contractions, then rolled around in my bed, they were coming more and more fierce, to they point they were starting to bring me to tears-  My mom hands me my phone and says, its time, you're in active labor- call your husband- call your doctor we need to go to the hospital.    So I called Pat, and the second he answered the phone I just started crying and said come come please hurry it's time.  haha  I just remember him saying "Really!?"  "Are you sure?!"

By the time Pat got home, it was full force.  It felt like the longest car ride to the hospital EVER-  I just remember him holding my hand so tight- and of course we hit ever single light!!!!  Since we had that false alarm that Saturday I was really reluctant to go to the hospital too soon- I didn't wanted to be turned away for a second time!!!  I just remember telling Pat please don't be mad at me if they send us home- I'm sorry to make you leave work!  Pat pulled up the front of the hospital, lifted me into a wheelchair and basically ran me to the labor and delivery wing with my mother trailing not far behind.

When they got me into the room, it was roughly about 4:00 and there was no doubt that they were keeping me.  We we not leaving this hospital without a baby!  I was 4 cm dilated and 100% effaced.  They asked me if I wanted the epidural and I had decided to wait-  the contractions hurt, but I just felt like they could be worse!  I did NOT want it wearing off when it was time to push!  As the time went on, it got to the point that just about every contraction was bringing me to tears.  My poor grandmother and Mother in Law walked into my room during a contraction, full swing and I yelled that everyone needed to get the hell out!!!!!  I did not want people just sitting around staring at me!  So I got the epidural- I was nervous about getting it, but it was really a piece of cake!!!!  It didn't even hurt!  and shwewwwwwww it felt good!  Better than good!  It felt like I was floating lol!  My doctor then broke my water, and I was a happy little clam!  And by this time my entire family had gathered in the waiting room, so one by one they came in to visit me...  The only problem was, my contractions slowed down - so Dr. Lim gave me some pitocin to speed up the process. And now I was really feeling good!!

A bit of time had passed, then Dr Lim said that I was fully dilated and ready to go- only I wasn't  because of the epidural I was feeling no pain, and I told her that there was no way that I would be able to push!  So we waited a little bit longer... we turned off the lights and rested I was so tired!  About an hour later, she came in the room, gloves on and said, "OK Kristina, its time to push!"  OMG!  I looked at Pat- I was so scared, and thought to myself there was no way in hell I was going to be able to do this!  But with my husband, doctor, and nurse all cheering me on for about an hour and a half I did it!  I pushed out that sweet little baby boy at 2:37 am on October 30th, 2013 - I got my halloween wish!!! :)

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