Monday, November 25, 2013

Settling in...

Wednsday marked Anthony's THREE WEEK birthday!  I can't even believe how fast these days are going!  Everything has really been great!  Our first week home may have been the best time of my life.  I've never been so happy.  It's like I'm over here living in a love bubble with my husband and perfect baby.  All we did was basically stare at Anthony and repeat over and over about how amazingly gorgeous he is while passing him back and forth- I don't think we even turned on the tv the entire week!   Pat has been so great- especially while in the hospital and at home before he had to go back to work.  He never left my side, and never even blinked at his turn to change a poopie diaper!  And all he kept saying was he couldn't believe he was so in love with another dude! Lol. I think the best moment was on our fist night home I went to bed and Pat took the late shift- and as I lay in bed I overheard him giving the baby a tour of the house!! Haha. "This is the bathroom where you'll be taking your baths... This is your mothers pretty room, where she spends all her free time!" Lol that just about melted my heart. :)

So far everything elase is good-  he has been a great eater, and is on about a 4 hour feeding schedule which is major plus!  Im tired, but I'm so happy with my bundle of joy that it really hasn't phased me much.  Two days ago, I bumped up his formula intake to 4 ounces every feeding, and at night he's been sleeping in increments of about 5 hours- I just about sprung out of bed this morning when I realized that he had gone 5 1\2 hours!! woohoo!  I'm still trying to work out getting him on a schedule!

He has the strongest arms and hands, and doesn't know what to do with them!   The cutest thing is that he holds in his pacifier, and he acts like he is holding his bottle during feedings....  And most of the time they are all up in his face!  So we have been a big fan of mittens to protect him from scratching that beautiful face!  Well, Monday, I finally got up the nerve, with the help of my Mother to file down those fingernails and let his hands be free...  And I got a little thumb sucker!!!  I don't think there is anything cuter!

In the weeks Leading up to his arrival I was so nervous that I wouldn't know what to do, or how to do it when he got home, and every one assured me that my "motherly instincts" would just kick right in, and I think they were right!  How weird is it that they were all so right!?  There is nothing else I rather be doing!           

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