Thursday, July 31, 2014

9 Months!

LOVES:  He LOVES feeding himself Bananas, Baby Puffs, and Baby cheese doodle, and loves the ranch flavor!  And I would say he may be addicted to Nilla Waffers!  Anthony LOVES to move!  Now that he can crawl, there is no stopping him, he loves to pull on the blinds to the sliding glass door, he loves to chase the puppies and pull on their collars, he loves to knock over his basket of toys, and then crawl in, and he loves to hold his ba ba all by  his self.  And he lovessssssss to swim!  Splashing, and kicking the entire time! Oh and cant forget Bubble Guppies!!!

HATES: He HATES being restricted!  UGH, you cannot keep him still for long!  Changing a diaper now a days has become QUITE the challenge!

EATING: Lately hes been whiney a little bit through his meals...  I think its just because he knows that the end result is a Nilla Wafer!

SLEEP:  like a BOSS!  I know youre not supposed to, but I lay in in his crib with a ba ba, and BOOM!  BAM! ZZZZzzzzzz...  All night long, no crying, nothing!  The same goes for his naps- which are about 1-2 hours each!  I can happily say that this baby boy is on a SCHEDULE!

NICKNAMES:  Lately Ive really been sticking to Anthony.

WEIGHT: 22 lbs 6 oz was last month, 9 month check up is this week

CLOTHES:  18-24 months

** We're up to 8 teeth! **

Important Dates:

July 12, 2014 - FIRST CRAWL!
July 29- First Waive, still a little Rusty, but hey!  Ill take it!

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