Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

A few months ago, not knowing what kind of baby Anthony would be, we decided to have Thanksgiving at our house! Normally, Pat and I visit both of our families... but I still haven't been brave enough to venture out of the house very much since baby has been here...   My mother in law brought the Turkey, my mom made all of sides, and I provided the house!  It turned out really nice, and all of our immediate family was on hand to celebrate Nino's first Turkey Day!  He had three outfit changes (while straightening up his room today, I found another bib I forgot about :(  lol)  He was a perfect little angel baby as always, and just sat peacefully in his Rock and Play ( that is our #1 must have!)  And we finished the evening with a Baltimore Ravens Win against the Steelers!!  Perfect Holiday!
My first Thanksgiving
Thankful for Turkey & Football!!
Stuffed Turkey!
I am Thankful for my family 
Best part of hosting Thanksgiving... LEFTOVERS!

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  1. He is such a cutie!!! OMG those lovely eyes!!! I always love your outfits and this sweater you're wearing is awesome!!! Hope you're a little more brave to get out for Christmas but then again, if you host for Christmas you'll have more awesome leftovers haha WIN!