Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Ho! Ho! Ho!  Baby is 6 weeks old today!

It's gotten a little festive in the Phipps household over the past week! We're all decorated, I cant believe that I actually  have a Christmas Stocking that has "Mommy" written on it! And Nino was introduced to a few "first's!" First Christmas Tree, First visit with Santa, First snow, and first boo boo  :( he scratched himself on his cheek!

And Mommy and Daddy had a date night!!!!  It felt so great!  Of course we had to have SUSHI!!  Oh how I missed my favorite sushi spot for the past year of being preggers!  And Anthony got some quality time with his Nonna!  We were home by 11, and I just wanted to come home and squeeze my baby!!!  We had a good time, but there is honestly nothing else I rather be doing, and no where else I rather be, then home with my Anthony!

A few days this week he had been super fussy, like all day fussy, and he is normally the most perfect, quiet little guy!  So my husband suggested that maybe he could be hungry!  Wow!  He was hungry!  My poor little guy was screaming because I wasn't feeding him enough.  He went from 4.5 oz every 3 hours to 6.5 oz every 4 hours!  I feel so bad for starving my baby! :(   He is turning into quit the little chunker! His little cheeks are really filling out, and we are losing his neck lol.  I love it!  He is wearing his size 3 month clothes well!  And he's really starting to move around!  Kicking and grunting, and really starting to pick his head up!  He's so strong!  I'm starting to introduce tummy time for about 10 minutes at a time!  I can't wait till he can hold his head up and smile at me!!

I'm totally loving every single second of being home with him.  I never want to leave him- EVER!

First Visit with Santa
Picking out his very first Christmas tree!

Posing with my tree!

First Christmas Jammies

Checking out our first snowfall!

Look Mommy!  I'm a cloud!

First Snow

My Aunt got a new camera and was having a photoshoot 
First trip to Target
Mommy & Daddy Date night - How cool is my shirt!?!?  Forever 21!  I couldn't type my cc info fast
enough when I found it online!

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