Thursday, May 30, 2013

4 Month Check Up & Flutters!

Went to the doc today for my 4 month check up!!  I gained 4lbs!  Doctor Lim says baby has a heart rate measuring at 152 bpm and that his heart sounded he was already full grown, meaning he is very active!  So far I've had a smooth pregnancy & everything looks great!  Next appointment is the big 20 week sonogram!!

The past few days I've felt tiny tickle in my stomach... At first I thought it was my belly growling but now I'm pretty sure it's baby Anthony!!! It Feels like butterflies in my belly... I can't WAIT for Pat to be able to feel it too!

Looking forward to tomorrow!  We're headed to the beach for a little fun in the sun!  Preggers needs a tan like something serious!!! It's the Ravens beach bash in Ocean city! I'll get my dose of the sand and Pat will hopefully get a little piece if the Superbowl champs!

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