Thursday, May 16, 2013

The begining

Ok!  Here I go...   My very first blog entry!  Where do I begin? 

My name is Krista and I am 31 years old, married to my very best friend Patrick for almost 5 years now...  I know it sounds a bit cliché to say that I'm married to my best friend, but its true!  Pat and I started off as very good friends, until that one drunken night in the year 2000... You all know what that means :)~  Hook up's turned into dates, those dates turned into a relationship, that relationship turned into an engagement, and that engagement turned into marriage, and that marriage made a baby!!  So here we are...  PREGNANT!

October 3, 2008

It took us a long time to get here, and sometimes I never really thought we would ACTUALLY be here...  Pat and I have always had a very active social life... With no children we have always been able to do whatever we wanted to do! Go places, do things, buy things!  And we have always had a great relationship.  Pat was  actually the one pushing to start a family before I was.  I was a little more hesitant because Ive always loved our life, our freedom and our relationship, and I was always scared that a baby would change everything. 

In the summer of 2010 we agreed, it was baby makin' time!  I just assumed as soon as we started trying it would happen...  and it just didn't work out that way!  for the past 10 years I had been doing everything NOT to get pregnant.. and NOW I couldn't!!  Doctors told us on several occasions that everything was fine.  But we just didn't understand what the hell was taking so long!  Around this past holiday season, we had agreed that we would stop trying so hard for a while and this spring we would really get serious and see a fertility doctor.  So we went on with our plan,  took it easy and didn't stress.

Sunday, March 10, 2013 I was feeling really sick, coughing aching, wheezing.  I was convinced I had pneumonia, because it was going around.  That morning, I drug myself to Patient First to try to get some antibiotic  to kick this bug out of my body...  The nurse puts me on the scale, takes my blood pressure and asks... Any chance you're pregnant?  NO WAY I said, no chance at all!  She asked for a urine sample anyway, because she said it was protocol.  I sit in the room waiting for the doctor coughing my lungs out...  Dr. Horowitz comes in, examines me and says... "Well, Mrs. Phipps, you have a severe case of bronchitis, but I'm very torn as to how to treat you, because your tested positive for pregnancy!"  W H A T ? ? ? ?  I was in total disbelief...  I didn't know if I should laugh or cry!  All I wanted to do was run home and tell Pat!!!!  Finally!!! 

I took that piece of paper, and framed it in a cutesy little baby frame and bought Pat and I both a book about pregnancy...  Wrapped it up and ran home and gave it to him.  As he ripped open the bag the frame fell to the floor, and he just stood there looking down.  Finally he picked it up and kept saying.  What? For real? Is this real? Today? Now? Did this happen today? When? How?  LOL  He couldn't even complete a full sentence. 
I remembered that I had a home pregnancy test so I ran to the bathroom to take it.  I had to make sure, it still just didn't feel real!  Soon as I peed on that sucker it was positive immediately!

The rest of the day Pat and I sat on the sofa with no TV and sat there, talked and basically tried to let it sink in... There would be no St Patrick's celebrations this year, there would be no Oriole's opening day.  Our plans have changed!
We're having a baby!  K+P=3


  1. I was browsing maternity ideas on Pinterest last night and found one pic of you with your chalk board, then another, then another until I clicked on your website... I have been reading like it's homework lol... you are so funny! Congratulations on baby Anthony! That's the name of my boyfriend :) And thank you for sharing your experience! I am 14 weeks and can't wait to go through all these changes and it's so easy when you have a hint of what's coming ahead. :)

    1. Thanks Liz!! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I have been so lucky and have really enjoyed every bit of it thus far! Do the chalkboard, or something like it! Its fun to look back and see the bump as it grows! Good luck!