Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's a BOY!!!

It's official!  There is a penis growing inside of me!!  How weird is that!?  This past Sunday, Pat and I found out that our little baby is indeed a boy!  I had a feeling it was a boy!  I guess call it that motherly instinct.  The very second the nurse put that sonogram on my belly there it was staring at us...  his penis!  I said, its a boy!!  I had always pictured myself having a baby girl, bows, tutus, ribbons, ruffles....  Now it looks like it will be more football, cars, trucks, and dirt!  that look of excitement in Pat's eye made all of those thoughts girly thoughts disappear...  We are having a baby boy!  And he will be beautiful!  And Pat is going to be an amazing father!   It just makes pregnancy and the things a head so much more... REAL!  This is really happening!  The amount of love I have for him already is unexplainable... And I just CANNOT wait to meet him, and finally hold him in my arms...  Only 24 weeks to go!!

I think we're are going to name him Anthony, I really liked Gianni, but Pat vetoed that because of Snooki!  WTF!?!  So Anthony it is.....  still not 100% on the middle name but there he his ladies and gentelman...  Anthony Phipps!

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