Friday, May 17, 2013


So now I feel like I'm all caught up with my Blogging! :)  We are now in the present!  And we are counting down till the gender reveal!  More and more lately I've been seeing on Pinterest and Facebook friends that people are having gender reveal parties...  I love a good party, especially when I'm the guest of honor!  But let's get real here... How the HELL could I ever go to a sonogram, let that nurse put the words boy or girl in a sealed envelope and drive home, to a bakery or whatever... There is absolutely positively no fucking way I could ever ever ever get out of the parking lot without ripping that envelope to shreds!!  I was that kid around Christmas time that the second my mother had left the house, I would snoop under beds, in closets, the attic, the basement to find my presents!  I would get a knife and cut the tape on the wrapped gifts under the tree to see what I got!  I guess that may mean I have a problem LOL

I am just SOOOO excited to know BLUE OR PINK????? Something tells me that it's a boy!  I have always wanted a little girl, I am a girly girl, I love hair, makeup, clothes, and gossip!  And I cherish the relationship I have with my mother....  So I've always pictured myself with a little baby girl with ruffles and bows and tutus OH MY!  But I feel like its a boy!  And that really excites me too!  I envision cute little hats, and suspenders and Ravens and Orioles gear!  Pat, like about every other man I know, is hoping for a boy... He talks about football practice, and karate lessons, and I see that glimmer in his eye!  Either way we are both going to be super happy and excited!! :):)

I must say, I am very proud of myself...   I, who am normally a super shopper, have been able to suprisingly restrain myself from buying anything!  I have not bought ONE SINGLE THING!  Next Sunday when I find out... GAME ON!  eeeeek!!  I cant imagine buying all brown or green or yellow!  I want PINK OR BLUE! :)  haha

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