Thursday, September 19, 2013

2:30 feeling...

I am so f'n tired I cant even deal.  Dear lord what I wouldn't do to have a Red Bull!  And not just any Red Bull one of those giant sons of bitches!  This whole not sleeping at night in the third trimester is the TRUTH and total bullshit!  I mean, there is another human being living inside of me... I need my rest!  It is only 2:30- and I feel like I'm on that 5 hour energy commercial...  I got that 2:30 feeling fo sho!  I think I slept about 2 hours last night!  I got up about 4 times to pee, and my back will not allow me to get comfortable.  I am totally over Penelope (my maternity pillow) shes just a giant pain in the ass, trying to flip her around in the middle of the night going from the left side, to the right side, to my back.  Not, to mention, Romeo, my shihtzu is absolutely terrified of it!  Every time I pick it up to move it, he jumps out of his dog bed, hides in the corner and shakes!
I was downloading ios7 to my iPhone, made of list of all the things I still need for baby, pinning, and instagraming at 4:30 am...  All the while Pat is laying sound asleep and so peacefully next to me.  Grrrrrrr...   I just want to kick him out of bed to the sofa so I can position myself diagonally across the bed and prop all of our 97 pillows around me.  5 o'clock cant come soon enough, I need to be released into the free world and face plant in my bed

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