Thursday, September 19, 2013

Showered with LOVE!

This past Sunday was my baby shower!  And it was fabulous!   I had a pretty good feeling that it was coming!  So when my mom asked me to go to brunch and told me to "look pretty" I knew it was time to dust off the dress I had saved in my closet and apply my lashes!  When she came in the house to pick me up, she looked amazing all dressed up, full face of makeup and a super cute dress - we took one look at each other and both started giggling.  It was held in a super cute little community center in the neighborhood of my friend Kristen.  ABC was the theme (like my nursery) and it all decorated beautiful!  Favors were great, everyone got a little bottle of champagne with a tag that read "Ready to Pop"...  I was a tad bit jealous considering that I wasn't able to enjoy that part ;)  Another great part, was that instead of a card, everyone gave me a book!  And what I find AMAZING is that out of all those there, I did not receive one duplicate book!  Anthony will have bedtime stories every night!!

All my friends and family were there!  Except for my grandmother, unfortunately she was still in the hospital Sunday...  but she is dong much better now and was able to go home yesterday.  I did notice that there was no one from Pat's family there...  So that leaves me to wonder...  When is Shower #2!? LOL

It was obvious that a lot of time and planning every detail went into it.  I am so lucky to have my Mother, with the help of my girlfriends, and cousin... they really went above and beyond to make sure that every thing was special!  I got a lot of great gifts!!!  My anxiety of not being prepared has defiantly decreased.  Now the problem is that where the hell do I put it all!!?!

Here are just a few of the pictures from the shin- dig  I am waiting on a friend to download her camera and there are more coming...

My surprise face!
Me and my Momma

BFF x;s 2 - My two long time Best Friends, Kristen & Molly

My cousins Julia & Jenessa

  32 Weeks - 8 Months Down - 8 Weeks to go!
How cool is this Motorcycle Diaper Cake!?!?!  Made with love by my gf Amber

Is it me, or do the Steelers STINK!?!

Kari and I

Pat came after the game to put his man muscles to good use, and load up the car with the loot!

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