Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend was a bit different this year!  Instead of the outdoor boozy cookouts I barely left my house!  The highlight of the weekend was the delivery of my new High Efficiency Washer & Dryer!!! WOOOOO!  Anyone who knows me, know that my least favorite chore is laundry!  I've always been one to wait until the last possible second...  Until there are no clean boxers for Pat and there are like 12324421231 loads to do!  lol  And the washing machine in our house, was so small I could barely fit a load of 4 bath towels!  Now, the new one is so big, with my big ol' belly, I can barely reach to the bottom to get everything out!  What normally would take me an entire weekend, I did it 3 loads!  How exciting! :)  Does this mean I am officially an adult, when I'm so excited about appliances?!?  I even got DREFT!  I guess its almost time to start washing baby clothes!!

My LDW was also filled with CRAFTS!  Lots & lots of crafts!  Pinterest has seriously changed my life... I may be addicted.  

I made a flag banner for Anthony's nursery...

In the process of making a matching Rag Rug...  Jeez!  I may be at the hospital pushing and still making this damn thing!  Its going to take FOREVER!  I was originally planning on doubling it in size... but F that!  I don't see that happening... But I can picture my naked baby laying on it for his newborn photoshoot! :D

And I made this fab sign...  Saw the wording on Pinterest...  and frames were buy one get one at Michael's!  So a second one is definitely in my near future...

Then... its Mickey Time!  My nephew's first birthday is quickly approaching, and we are having a Mickey Mouse theme party!  


And... A Mickey party would NOT be complete with out Mickey Ears for everyone!!!

4 pairs down... 30 to go 

SO... I was a crafting MACHINE this weekend!  Whenever I finish a craft I'm always so proud of myself! :) Pretty soon I'll add all the items to my Etsy Page.  

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