Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Doctor visit - And Positive thoughts :P

Yesterday afternoon was my check up!  I gained another 3 pounds in the past two weeks, bringing me to a total of 15 big ones!  Not so bad.  When she placed the heart rate machine on my belly to she said WOW he is really low!  Baby boy is moving into position!  She said that was fine, but... ugh what does that mean?  I'm bad with asking questions when I'm there...  I think of a hundred things to ask when I leave.  Maybe I'll go early!?  My Halloween punkin hat may not have been a waste of money :) :)  Anyway, his heart rate was good, at 147 bpm, and I'm measuring at 33 weeks - Right on target!  She said that this was my last short visit, and next appointment is when we get down to the nitty gritty and start the exams, YIKES!  She complimented me on my positive attitude, and told me not to worry about anything.  Stay in my frame of mind, continue to stay positive, and the rest of the pregnancy will fly by without a hitch.  That made me happy!

Speaking of staying positive...  Yesterday I also woke up with a sore throat!  UGH this blows!  And of course, once again, I slept for shit!  I'm tired, my throat hurts and my body aches. And I can't take anything!  WAH!  OK I'm done.  Sorry.

Positive thoughts Krista!  Positive thoughts!

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