Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Check Up!

Yesterday was my doctor visit. I gained a half of a pound... Bringing my total weight gain to 6.5 lbs.  Go me! :) :)  My belly is measuring right on, meaning he should weigh about 2.5-3 pounds and measure at roughly 17 inches long. And Baby Anthony's heart rate is at... Wait... One second...  There is a knock at the door...  My glucose results.  I PASSED!  I PASSED!  Diabetes Freeeeeeeeeee!!!! wooooooooooo!!!!  God I am SO HAPPY!!!  And how crazy is it that I got my results right as I was on the doctor's table? I gave her a big hi-five!  Now back to my baby's heart rate 146 bpm!  woooooooooooooo!

After each quick exam Dr. Lim takes me to her office and we discuss, whats to come in upcoming visits and answers any questions I may have.  I explained to her that my biggest concern was that I would go into labor while Pat was at work far away in his truck, and asked if we can schedule delivery...  She said that obviously they prefer for everything to happen naturally but it can be done, but will not be done until the week of my due date.  At least I know it's a possibility and she told me not to have anxiety about it.  I do feel better.

Now my appointments will be every two weeks to monitor my blood pressure.  Then at 36 weeks, I will go for another ultrasound to check on his position and size.   Movin right along...

To celebrate being Diabetes FREE ...  After my appointment I treated myself to a big piece of Pizza from the hospital cafeteria (which is delicious by the way) and a nice cold Pepsi!!!

72 days till D Day! 

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