Monday, August 5, 2013

Super Spectacular Snickey Saturday!

For those of you that are not familiar with the "Snickey" term, that is the nickname that pet name that my husband and I have for each other.  It can also be Snick, Snicker, Snickey Doodle...  well, the list goes on, but you get the point lol.

With Pats new work schedule pretty crazy, I've been anxious to have some one on one time with the hubs.  So Saturday was declared, as a Super Spectacular Snickey Saturday!  Our original plan was to take a stroll through the Inner Harbor in downtown Baltimore, grab a bite and hit up the Orioles game.  But the weather didn't cooperate, it was wet and gloomy, the perfect day to lay in bed and eat cake LOL and we did just that! ha!  Even the pups were feeling lazy and not in a rush to get out of bed!

With the weather against our outdoor day, we decided to do something different... And went to Maryland Live Casino.  A new casino only about 35 minutes away!  It was funny to see that so many other Pregnant couples had the same idea as us!  I don't think I had seen so many prego's under one roof!  Neither one of us are big gamblers, or familiar with table games, so we hit up the slots!!

It didn't take long to flush money down the casino toilet, and for myself to get hungry, so we took a stroll to the huge mall connected to the casino... Did a little shopping, for baby of course.  And had some delicious fajitas! Yummy!  Then back to the casino again for a last ditch effort to win some cash!  I actually walked away $100 richer!  woo hoo!


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