Thursday, August 15, 2013

Glucose Challange Test

Just when I thought that pregnancy was a piece of cake...  I get a call from my doctor yesterday afternoon...  She had received the results for my glucose screening test from last week.  A test that I was really nervous about because I have a history of diabetes in my family.  Basically, you have to drink a sugary drink, sit in the lab for an hour, and then your blood is drawn and tested to see how your body breaks down the sugars in your system.  The test itself wasn't all that bad.  I had myself freaked out for nothing, or so I thought.  Yesterday Dr. Lim called to tell me that my sugar levels were elevated and I have to go back for additional tests. This time its a 4 hour test and is much more accurate.  If again, my sugars are too high, I will be diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  If that's the case, Ill have to see a specialist, be placed on a diet and have to prick myself and test my blood sugars daily.  :(  Not only that but reading about the effects it can have on the remainder of my pregnancy and baby are pretty scary.  Google really is a double edged sword...  It gives you the information your looking for, and scares the be-jesus out of you at the same time.  So I will not be googling anymore until I am officially diagnosed.  Until then, I am putting myself on a diet...  Cutting out all the unnecessary carbs and sweets.  I really thought I was doing well!  My appointment is scheduled for next Friday...  Wish me luck!

I tell ya, this 3rd trimester really has me nervous....  I get alerts daily from different pregnancy apps on my Iphone... and every single day its all about, leg cramps, varicose veins, not sleeping, retaining fluid, etc. etc!  And now this diabetes crap! Jeez!  The 3rd trimester sounds so scary!!!  What is going to happen to me!?!?!?!? 

84 days till D day! 

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