Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nursery Nesting

I finally got my nursery furniture!!! Two dressers and a changing table!  Between me, my mother, and Pat, we moved them around probably about 27 times... and I'm still not 100% if they are properly positioned.  But... I love them! :):)  Now I am totally full steam ahead with trying to complete everything! I finally decided on a Rocking Chair, and  I really want a rug, and curtains...  I still haven't figured out what my accent color will be.  And I need things for the wall...  Those are on the top of the nursery to- do list!

Dresser #1

Dresser #2 & Changing Table
After I had the furniture delivered, I decided that it was time to clean out Pat's closet!  What a MESS!  In our master bedroom there are 2 closets, his and hers, but because I have my "Pretty Room" he was using both.  And I had overflow of crap from when I switched my pretty room over to the smaller space. After 8 trash bags and a trip to the Good Will... his "Yo-Boy" days are officially OVER! No more Black Label or Ed Farty Hardy he now is an owner of a closet fit for a 31 adult man. Everything was nicely hung in one closet and the other closet space was used for storage.

In course of my purging  I found the cutest little stuffed animal.  A teddy that I didn't even realize was there.  He was Pat's from when he was a child, and he had him tucked in the back of his closet.  Now he has a new home...  In Anthony's nursery!  I think its the cutest thing for Pat to be able to pass down his Teddy to our son!  Almost brings a tear to my eye!  (hey!  its the hormones!)

Happy to say it's all coming together...  I find myself standing in there sometimes just looking around...  Pat said he does the same thing...  And apparently the puppies do too...  

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