Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happy Holidays! :)

I know, its not even September yet... but I am SO looking forward to the fall, and the holidays...  I absolutely LOVE walking into stores and seeing Halloween decorations... It means BABY IS COMING SOON!!!   My due date is now set to November 8, but originally it was October 31!  So I keep telling myself its Halloween (a week sooner)   If I go on Halloween, or even a day sooner, I have already instructed my mother, her first grandmotherly duty is to get my a Halloween outfit!!!!   Yes, I am that person that will have my child in holiday jammies and bibs the entire month of the holiday!  Why not!?  I have always been a "theme" person!  I am also that person that annoys my Facebook friends with a Christmas countdown in August...  Speaking of which...  Only 125 days!

Check out his Thanksgiving duds :)  I hope its cold enough... or he is big enough to wear this!  I mean I just die for this outfit!!!!  I need a turkey bib :)

Baby Gap!

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