Monday, July 22, 2013


ahhhhh vacation!  For someone who normally works 3 jobs an entire week of vacation is A M A Z I N G!  Since Pat started is new job, he wasn't able to take vacation, but my Mom was more than  happy to fill in and head to the beach with me! :):)  This was quite different than any other vacation I have taken in the past because there was NO alcohol involved! I did splurge and have one O'douls! haha

Being with my mother rather than Pat was an entirely different experience!  Pat considers vacation a time to relax and sleep in... Not true for Mommy!  I would wake up at 7am to go to the bathroom and she would have her bathing suit on, bed made, my prenatal vitamins out, my bowl and spoon ready for my oatmeal, PBJ's packed for the beach... READY!  We were on the beach every day by 9:15, and boy it was HOT, friggin heat wave hot!  the sand burned my little tootsies!  But it was worth it!  I finally got some sun on this pregnant white skin! And it feels GREAT! :)  We went to the pool, went shopping, pigged out on the Boardwalk, went to the movies, did dinner!  And was in bed by 10:30-11 every night!  It was a great trip!

That O'Douls was so cold and DELICIOUS!

Bump with a view

Mommy & Me on the Boardwalk

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