Friday, July 12, 2013

week in review

Pat started is brand new job this week!!  And in being in training, hes been on the graveyard shift...  Going in at 2am till 2pm!!  He's been going to bed when I'm getting off of work,I haven't seen him all this week!  So rather than sit at home all alone every night I have been keeping myself quite busy with my Momma shopping for baby!  I'm pretty sure I have been to Babies R Us every day this week!  And my brain is on super overload with finding the perfect rocking chair, and nursery bedding to go with these letters I've been obsessing over for months.  I couldn't event sleep last night with everything going through my brain!  Normally at night when I try to get to sleep I say prayers to myself (Hail Mary's and Our Father's) and last night I actually caught myself saying the ABC's! Sheesh!   I found an ABC bedding set that I'm in love with...  now the whole dilemma is that the letters that I've made for the wall I think is going to be too busy!  So, what I'm planning on  is going with  the new bedding, and redo all the letters in the colors to match the set.  Yes! I said redo allllll the letters that I've worked so hard on ><  But, it gives me something to do!

And the rocker... that's a wholeeeee other can of worms!  The one that I really liked was at Babies R Us and is now discontinued! And all the other ones seem like they are just big Lazy Boy lounge chairs for like $700 and that to me is crazy money!  I could buy an entire living room set for that!  We have literally been on the hunt!  And after some good ol googeling my mom found this from Home Depot/ Martha Stewart I love the wicker and the fact that it's white to match my crib....  I'm thinking I will have a slip cover made to match my decor! Exciting!

This morning was the follow up to my 20 week sonogram, they needed more photos of his heart feet and spine.  The appointment that was supposed to take a few minutes, ended up taking an hour and a half! Nino was in the breach position with his legs behind his head kinda like a pretzel!  It took a lot of patience and positioning Mommy to get the pics they wanted. In the end, I got a good report and he seems to be a healthy boy.  That should most likely be my final sonogram of the pregnancy...  Ill have to wait to D day to see him again!

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