Tuesday, July 30, 2013

100 days to go!

It's hard to believe that we are only 100 days out till D-Day!  Tic Toc!   I think ever since I went to the doctor last week it seems like more real.  I don't know how to explain it.  I think it was when she told me, that she would see me again in 4 weeks, and after that it would be every 2 weeks!  And next Friday marks 7 months, and in the 3rd and FINAL trimester!   I just feel like everyone has always said that pregnancy was such a long, slow process, and that just has NOT been the case for me at all!  I feel like time is running out and I have SO much to do!  So its time to really get ready!  I decided that from now on, each trip to the grocery store I'm going to pick up a pack of diapers.  You can never have too many, right!?

How do you even operate these things!?! LOL

I've also been picking out little outfits here and there for baby boy!  I mean they are just so cute, and most are under $10 so how can I not!?!  Lil' Anthony has a nice little start...  I'm now in search of the perfect outfit to bring him home from the hospital in!!!!  I saw an idea on pinterest that I want to shadow box it, along with his foot prints, hospital bracelet, and little hat, and hang in his room later.

Wardrobe... And Teeny

And these damn letters!!!!  They are 99.9% finished after this weekend...  All are painted except for ONE and that is the Z.  Because I had mod podged the hell out of it, it need a little extra TLC to bring it back to its original state.  I've really enjoyed taking the time to make them.  But I'm so ready for them to be completely finished.  There are friggin letters all over my house!  Now is the next step...  I'm going to get a piece of plywood, and mount the letters there, and then hang the plywood on the wall, like one big picture.  I hope it turns out how it is in my brain! lol But I am very happy with it so far...  It matches the bedding perfect.  I cut a piece of wrapping paper in the size of what I'm thinking for the plywood so that I would have an idea of what I'm working with.

All in all, I think I'm doing okay... We're getting there!  I should have the nursery totally finished with furniture within the next few weeks, after that I think I'll feel a little more settled and prepared.  I better have these letters on the wall this weekend!  Well at the very least mounted on my plywood!  Wish me luck! :)

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