Friday, July 26, 2013

Week in review!

ahhh this week was a tough one...  Just from coming back from vacation for a full week at work always sucks!  And I haven't seen much of Pat at all, with the new job one week he was on all night shift, the next week I was at the beach, and this week he's been going in at 7 am, and not getting home until 9-9:30 every night!  This new company has him going so far away from me!  My biggest fear is that he is going to be 3 hours away when I go into labor!  Ugh the anxiety!  Please dear lord don't let that happen to me!  I will FREAK out!  I am in desperate need of a date night!  I miss my little Snickey <3

Yesterday was my 6 month check up!  I can't believe how fast this time is going by...  I gained 2 lbs!  Bringing my total weight to 6 pounds.  My doctor was very pleased with my progress and congratulated me on keeping my weight under control! :)  We talked about weather or not I'm planning on breastfeeding...  I don't know why, but I'm totally weird-ed out by the whole thought of it, and I always have been.  But now that I'm getting closer and closer to D day I feel like I want the best for my baby, and I am considering doing it in the beginning, Dr. Lim suggested I do it for 2 weeks...  We'll see.   We also talked about pediatricians, and if I want my baby boy circumcised... awwwwww! LOL  it was a good visit!  Next week I have to take the dreaded diabetes test where I have to go and drink some awful concoction and get my blood work drawn... NOT looking forward to it!

And as of yesterday we are officially registered for Child birthing classes!  With Pat's new work schedule he is unable to participate in any of the evening classes during the week, so we will have to wait until the next round of Saturday classes that start September 14, its a 3 week class.  At that time I'll be 33 weeks prego!  I just hope baby doesn't come before I learn how to BREATHE! eeeeek!!

I have also scheduled a mini maternity photo shoot for Pat and I.  No weird naked lingerie maternity pix... that is so weird... Why do people do that!?  But some nice lovey dovey outdoor holding hands and kissing in the sunset pictures :)  I have never been happy with my wedding pictures so I'm really looking forward to having a big framer for the living room!!  Now...  the most important question is... What will I wear!????????????

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