Tuesday, October 15, 2013

36 Week Sonogram

My final sonogram.  Pat and I were up and on the road this morning before the sun came up to see baby Nino one last time in utero.  This was just to check to see if he was in the proper birthing position and to get an estimate of his weight.  As we sat in the waiting room I asked Pat to make a guess as to what he thought he would weigh.  His guess was 7 lbs  I looked at him like he was completely crazy and said, no way!  My guess was about 5...  I mean I've only gained a total of 14.5 so far!  

We got to see his little feet and his little toes, tiny little fingers, his little baby penis, and my favorite- she pointed out hair!!!  I've always envisioned him to come out with a full head of dark hair!!  Unfortunately his arms were hiding his face, so we did not get  a souvenir photo.  But we did get confirmation that he is head down and ready to rock!  Heart rate was roughly 130 bpm.  And everything else looked great.

Then at the very end the girl says to us, well you definitely have a big boy on your hands!  Right now he is weighing in at about 7 lbs 3 oz.  WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT!?!?!?  I can't believe it!  Pat was right on!  And I was so off!  Now that totally makes me nervous!  If he is 7lbs now...  all my books say that he should be gaining an average at about a half an oz a day! Whoa baby! 

 I'm scared! eeek!  I hope his fat little heiney is going to fit in the newborn outfits I packed for the hospital! 

A fat & hairy little baby!  Just what I wanted!    Just like his momma! LOL

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