Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bags are packed!!!!

With 37 days till D day, I decided its time to pack it up!  I mean Kim K went 5 weeks early!  That means I could go like TONIGHT!!!!

 And there it is!  My hospital bag - I'm officially ready, well, maybe not ready, ready, but... My bag is packed!  I've spent hours upon hours on Pinterest, and Google, compiling a list of what needs to go into this bag.  I'm sure there will be something I forgot!

  1. Pajamas- I've never been a PJ's kinda girl, more like a t shirt and shorts for bed... But I got two pairs AND a silky night gown... ooooh Fancy! ;)  I also packed my favorite all black cotton maxi dress, I figured if needed, I could also use that as a night gown.
  2. Socks/ Slippers
  3. Big ol Butt Grannie Panties
  4. Sports Bras- I'm not planning to breast feed, so I'm told to get the tightest sports bras and layer them on!
  5. Go Home Outfit- This was the hardest part for me... WTH should I wear home!?  Who knows, will I have a normal delivery?  C section?  I just went with a pair of leggings, T and a hoodie...  we'll see how it all  pans out soon enough!
  6. flip flops - for walking around the hospital and they can double as shower shoes
  1. Q tips
  2. tooth brushes/toothpaste
  3. mostureizer
  4. shampoo/ conditioner
  5. razor
  6. face wash
  7. lotion
  8. eos chap stick
  9. brush
  10. soap
  11. deodorant
  12. makeup wipes

  1. Bronzer
  2. Blush
  3. Gloss
  4. eyebrows
  5. mascara
  6. foundation
  7. concealer
A girl has to look good for the first time her son lays eyes on her, right!?!?  

Also, not pictured I packed two bath towels for Pat and I, a change purse full of dollar bills, and change. And put a note on the bag to remember to bring a pillow and our chargers!

Daddy's bag was much more simple...  Sweats, hoodie, and t shirts.  That's about it lol!

So there they sit... waiting for transport!

Next task is baby's bag!

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