Monday, October 28, 2013

False Alarm!!!!!!

This Saturday I thought it was happening, the moment we have all be anxiously waiting for.  Nope!

In the wee hours of early Saturday morning I got up for one of my 674683196 bathroom trips... Half asleep I feel/ hear a bit of a popping coming from "down there" my pee stream got a little more forceful and I thought to myself, hmmmm that was strange.  Nothing felt different, nothing looked different.  So I sleepily went back to bed.  When I woke up that morning, Pat was at work and when I got up, I felt a bit of a drip and noticed that my pants were rather wet.  I run to the bathroom, and again, nothing looks different, nothing feels different.  hmmmmmmmmmm...    I called my mother and she suggested that I call my doctor just to let her know, and she told me that it sounded like my water broke, and that I should go to the hospital!  OMG!  Really!?!  I called Pat, as calmly as I could and told him to please come home it was time to go....  I made him a sammy, took a shower, got myself together and waited for him to get home.  He packed up the car with all of our bags, and off we went...  Arriving at the hospital I felt a little nauseous thinking that this was gonna be IT.  The nurses were super nice and brought me in to check me, and unfortunately it was a false alarm- and there was not real reason as to what that wetness was that I woke up to, the only suggestion they had was that maybe I had peed myself!  OMG HOW EMBARRASSING!  I went to the hospital because I friggin peed myself! ughhhhhhhh  So we were sent home.  I felt so stupid!

 The silver lining is that Pat and I got a test run, and I am progressing...  I was still at 2 cm dilated but now 80% effaced (I was 50% Monday)  maybe all of that raspberry leaf tea and bouncing is really working!  I did have a string of contractions last night, each lasted about 30 seconds and were roughly 15 minutes apart.  I'm really getting anxious to do this!!!  COME ONNNNNNNN BABY!  I talk to him and beg him to come out and play with me!  Hopefully at my appointment tomorrow she'll tell me that I'm like 7cm dilated and ready to push!  LOL   

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