Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Operation Eviction

I am officially so large and in charge!  This picture TOTALLY sums up my life right now LOL  I even have that shirt!!  At just shy of 38 weeks this prego is cooked!  I seriously cannot bend over, touch my feet, shave, or get off of the couch without assistance!

So this past Monday was my doctor visit- and I was told that I am 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced, baby is very low and my cervix is very soft.  His heart rate was about 138 BPM.  In the past two weeks, since my last appointment I gained 4.5 lbs for a grand total of 19.    She told me that I am going to have a big boy, and in her perfect baby world, she would like me to deliver within the week.  The longer he waits to make his grand entrance into the world the larger he becomes...  And the larger he becomes the chances of having complications rapidly grow.  She also explained to me that talk of an induction wouldn't happen until I am a week PAST my due date... ughhhhh. That would mean November 15th - that is just way too long for me!  I want my Halloween baby darn it!  So its GO TIME!  FINAL MOMENTS!  Operation Eviction is underway!

I'm totally ready- Pat and I have our plan of action- bags are packed- room is done- house is clean- car seats installed- and I am anxiously waiting to get through just two more days of work until maternity leave!  Every day when the clock strikes 5:00 I quietly gather all my things because you never know - I may not be back tomorrow! (Hopefully)

So- here I am currently bouncing on my birthing ball, and drinking my 3rd cup of raspberry leaf tea of the day, waiting on Pat to take the dogs for a long walk!  I'm going to try to do everything I can to get this baby out!!!!!

Today I have been feeling a lot of pressure, and a bit of period like cramps- maybe that means something- maybe the tea and ball are working...

It would be a perfect weekend to give birth...  The Ravens are on a Bi Week this Sunday LOL

Wish me luckkkkkkkkkkkk

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  1. I am sending you my best wishes!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!! Thank you for your blog, I feel like I am so ready to meet Baby Nino at this point lol... Good luck and I hope everything goes smooth and with no much pain!!!