Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Doctors & Dentist

Yesterday late morning I was feeling kinda hungry, so I decided to treat myself to some yummy trail mix in the snack machine here at the office.  On the last hand full I chomp down on what feels like a rock!  WTF how the heck did a rock get in the trail mix!?!?  This is my way to get rich quick!  I wills sue the trail mix company and make millions!  Anthony's college will be paid for!!! Ugh... except it wasn't a rock!  It was my TOOTH!  That's right!  #30 decided to just break off with a mouth full of raisins and peanuts!!!  $621 later... I have a completely numb mouth and still need to go back for a root canal. WOMP! WOMP!  That was something I was NOT planning on this morning!  

Yesterday afternoon was my first CHECK at the OB.  She said that I'm progressing beautifully, and that his head seems to be low, and I'm thinning and slowly and starting to dilate, not quite at 1 cm BUT progressing.  No one warned me that it HURTS to be checked!  Dear lord!  I was expecting something like a pap- OH NO! Why didn't anyone warn me?  I cannot imagine being checked while I'm in labor, and already in pain!  Shwew!   Anthony's heart rate is at 150 bpm.  And Mommy LOST a half of a pound!  Bringing my total weight gain to 14.5 lbs.  How about them apples!?!?!    Sonogram is scheduled for next Tuesday to check his size and position.  I'm so close I can't believe it!!!!!  Then the one week visits start. eeeek!

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