Monday, October 7, 2013

Am I nesting?

I'm not sure, but I think I'm nesting.  With two showers under my belt and frequent stops from the FedEx & UPS man,  there are new packages coming into our home on the daily for baby Phipps.  And every day I ask myself the same ol question.. WHERE DOES IT GO?  It has really given me anxiety.  And I've found that I seem to not be able to make a decision on my own over the stupidest stuff - like OMG! What drawer am I going to put all the onsies in???  Really Krista?  Who friggin cares!?  Apparently my pregnant self really does!!  Well, this week my mom was at the house every night helping me organize and get it done!  I was really stressing about it and thinking that I didn't have enough.  Well, we took all the tags off of all the 0-3 months the pile was literally up to my knee LOL!  I think I have enough.  Everything is washed dried and I dedicated Friday night and most of the day Saturday to find homes for everything...  But it was a process!!!  I feel so much better now that I'm getting more and more organized!!!
The Before - And they wonder why I was having anxiety about it!!!

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