Friday, June 7, 2013

The Great Debate!

So there is now the great debate... THE NAME!  What are we going to name this little baby boy?  How will he be identified in this world??  Right now we are down to two names... Pat is stuck on his, and doesn't seem like he wants to budge... and the same with me!   We both agreed that we wanted our baby to have an Italian name.  Pat is alllll about Anthony, and for the most part I have agreed with him.  I do like Anthony, it was my grandfathers middle name, and my nephews middle name as well, so for me, there is a family connection as well.  The deal was that we would  name him Anthony, and call him "Nino" for a nickname.  Ive always been okay with the name but always told Pat that I was still open to other names.  I liked it but not LOVED it...   Last week, when Pat and I were sitting on the beach, we googled the meaning of Nino, and Antinino came up!    I LOVE IT!  Antinino!  I mean that is just the cutest little name ever!  I'm in love! :)  Little Antinino, and then call him Nino for short! :) I love it!  At first Pat was all about it, and the past few days, hes back to Anthony...  I'm working on him!  Middle name I think is going to be Joseph... Again it goes to our family connection...  Joseph is the name of his Step Father (who is like a father to Patrick) the name of his brother, and the middle name to my father and brother! 

But the real question is... Anthony, or Antonino!?!?!?!?!

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