Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Festivities!

Being in the second trimester really is a big difference from the first!  In the first weeks I really didn't feel up to doing much of anything!  I was SO exhausted all the time!  But now that this second trimester is in full swing I really do feel great!  I have been so lucky, that I haven't had any type of sickness, and now that the tiredness has worn off I'm feeling good enough to socialize!  And that I did this weekend!  I hear the third trimester really slows you down, so I'm trying to do things while I still can!  Saturday night we went out for a bit,  I really am ok with going out when everyone is drinking, I'm good as long as people talk to me and can hold a regular conversation... The moment that no one can talk to me, its a wrap!  Time for Krista to go home!  Pat is pretty good about it, but I must say he definitely takes advantage of being out...  I think he drinks as many beers as possible until I say its time to go!  He really is using this 9 month designated driver thing to his benefit!  But I really don't mind, because believe me!  He will pay me back!  We actually went to our favorite local bar Casey's Saturday night...  A place that we would go nearly every single weekend, and I haven't been there since February!  They actually remodeled and I didn't even know about it!!! 
I really liked this picture of Pat and I from Saturday night, I felt really pretty! :)  Could I really be glowing?? ha ha ha

Today we went to the Italian festival with a bunch of our family!  It was great weather and the perfect place to CHOW DOWN!  Lets see... Fried Dough, Shrimp Scampi, Salad, Meat Balls, Italian Cookies, and Calamari!  I'd say I did okay with feeding the baby today!  I've really noticed that in the past week I've been much more hungry more often!  I feel like hungry hungry hippo!  It was a really nice day to take in the sounds of the Italian music, play Bocce Ball, and enjoy time with my cousins....  check out this awesome bib I got baby!  This was the St. Anthony Festival... hmmm maybe a sign for his name!?!

Pre- Festival Selfie... I love these Brian Attwood Sunglasses

Little Italy, Baltimore

I mean, how cute is that!?!

Both of our eyes are lookin' mighty blue!  Is it safe to say the baby's will be he same?

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