Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sonogram- Checkup and NURSERY!

Yesterday was my 20 week sonogram to check up on Anthony.  They did indeed confirm, that HE is a boy!  Pat and both of out mothers were able to go with me to the appointment.  I got all good news that he is a good size, and healthy.  He was in the breach position and not cooperating as well as they would have liked, so I do have to go back for a few more pictures of his spine in a few weeks when he is a bit bigger.   But all in all, we got a good report!  Its amazing how much bigger, and defined he is from just my last sono at 16 weeks!

Today was my check up with Dr. Lim.  It was in and out, the quickest yet!  She told me that I am progressing wonderfully!  My blood results came back and I tested negative for Spinabiphida.  So that is GREAT news!!  And  I cannot believe that I did not gain ONE pound this month!  So only a total of only 4lbs total!  I guess only dreaming of McGriddle's and not actually eating them has paid off ;) haha

My cousin George was at the house once again yesterday, but this time was for the NURSERY!!  He painted it while we were at work.  I am sooo happy with the color!  Looks just like my inspiration picture!  I was SO hard to pick a friggin color!  I went with "Pool Party"  and now its time to get the crib that has been sitting in my living room for 2 months and bring it on upstairs!  woohoo

Before & After

The past few days, movement has been CRAZY!  Little buddy is really kickin and shakin in there!  I'm really looking forward to the day that Pat can feel him too!  

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