Wednesday, June 12, 2013

ABC, maybe not so easy as 123

So Pat and purchased a 3BR Townhouse in April of 2010.  And in the purchase of the house all I could in vision was my dressing room, known today as my "Pretty Room."  The most beautifulest room in the wholeee wide world.  Out of the 2 extra bedrooms, I made the larger of the two, my sanctuary.  Painted it my favorite color purple, hung racks  on the wall so I can see all my beautiful clothes right there in front of me, and I hung my favorite drunken pictures of my girlfriends on the walls.  I swear I could spend hours in there, and just play with my things and smile :D (I'm actually smiling right now just typing about it.)  And the 3rd bedroom is actually where I sit right this very moment typing...  it is our "office" not much of an office, really just a computer and an ironing board.  This room is about half the size of my pretty room... and I am a little bit sad to say, that I don't think its very fair to the baby, if Mommy's closet is bigger than his nursery.  So I am going to have to start the task of switching the rooms over.  Sighhhh... It is going to be a big job, because I have a LOT of things to go through in order to fit everything in the other room.  Isn't it just glorious in its panoramic view? LOL ( Click on the photo, it makes it bigger so you get the full view!! ) ahhh

The Pretty Room
So this weekend is the start of the transformation... I have the cable company coming Saturday morning to transfer all of the computer wires down to the "Man Cave!"  Hey!  Everyone has to sacrifice a little space around here!
But I am SO pumped about getting started on the Nursery... I know that I will still be able to go in that same exact space and smile, but this time it will be for a much better reason!
PINTERST- I mean it's only the best place on the world wide web, right!?  I mean I was like sick when Pinterest came out and I didn't have it to plan every single detail of my wedding with it...  I just want to do the whole thing over and start from scratch with Pinterest!  But now at least I have it for my baby!  That's where I have been spending a lot of my time lately... Just pinning away!  And that is where I got the inspiration for Anthony's alphabet nursery...  I want to do the entire alphabet, with letters in all different shapes, sizes and colors.  I found a great listing on Etsy that I purchased, and it was the entire alphabet for only $37 STEAL!  My plan is to switch out a few of the letters to make it a bit more "funky" and different.  The O is going to be the same as in the Baltimore Orioles logo, and the B will the same B as on the Baltimore Ravens logo!  Good idea right!!??!!  Ive also ordered a J made out of rope.  I also want the T to be a crucifix, and my Dad got me a horse shoe for the U.  See, I'm moving right along!  I cant wait for the alphabet to come in and I cant start to decorate them... using Pinterest of course! 
In the photos I have below, I really like the Blue wall, because its bright and vibrant...  But in the second photo, I really like how the letters are larger and more spread out.  SO I want a combination of the two..

My cousin has offered to do the painting for us, which is exciting!  I mean I love Patrick with all my heart, but I must admit he is defiantly not the handiest man on the block!  I'm the one in the house that does all those types of things, like painting etc.  And since painting is out of the question for a prego....  I'm going to leave this one up to my cousin! LOL  I think Pat was relieved when he offered.  And I quote "Babe, I may not be a great painter, but I'm going to carry the SHIT out of your dressers!" LOL
This weekend... Operation ABC is underway!

ABC... 123

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