Friday, June 21, 2013

Insomnia- Pepsi-Ikea- McGriddles & Etsy

Can't sleep...  I took my doctors advice and took another sick day tomorrow, or shall I say today.  Maybe that's why, knowing I don't have to get up early... Maybe its because I slept so much yesterday... Maybe its because my body is still sore and I just couldn't get comfy... Maybe its my body preparing me for baby... Maybe its because I'm hungry... Maybe its because I cheated and had 1 and a half cups of fully caffeinated Pepsi at dinner... Oops.  Could it really be caffeine?  Am I that much of an old fart that caffeine did this? jeez.  Whatever it is... I'm wide awake.  I laid in bed for a while (twice) and all I could think of are errands I need to do this weekend:
  1. Ikea- New Light for new pretty room
  2. Lowes- Hooks for the rack in new pretty room
  3. Grocery store- I'm hungry
  4. Goodwill- Huge drop off!
  5. Tanning- Must cancel membership!
  6. Pool- Speaking of tanning, it wouldn't hurt to get some sun on this pasty prego skin
  7. Get Pat a Birthday gift (Next Weekend)
  8. McGriddle

Yes, McGriddle is on that list!  That is my craving... Sausage Egg and Cheese McGriddle from McDonalds. mmmm...  And an apple... I really want an apple.

At around 3, I got an alert from my pregnancy app telling me that I was at 20 weeks, and that baby is the size of a banana, AS I was eating a banana... AWKWARD!

I have also started a wedding registry on Etsy!  Yup!  I said wedding... There are so many adorbs baby things on Etsy, yet they don't have a baby registry!  Why the hell not!?  I put in my due date as the wedding date lol

Its 4:36m... Pat has to get up for work in a half an hour... and here I am typing away eating a slice of cold pizza.  If I had any other kind of food I would make him breakfast to celebrate his new job.  I really need to go to the grocery store.

Oh and WTF Kim & Kanye named their baby NORTH WEST!?! Really?  Kim used to be my girl!  Now I just can't!  North West?  Really?

Hmm.. What time does Mickey D's open?  I think 5! oh shit! 20 mins, maybe Ill get Pat his breakfast after all! :)

McDonalds opens at 6... I went to bed at 530.  Woke up at 10:15... They 
stop serving breakfast at 10. FAIL 


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